Thursday, September 28, 2006


This is absolutely true... Believe me...

Always remember this line. Be careful in choosing your friends because they may become the cause of your misery. You are always hanging-out with your so called friends without even knowing the things that you are already been doing.

If you feel that what you are doing is wrong, then keep away from them! Or if you don't want them to get hurt, then tell them to stop doing it. I know that it is not easy, but it is the best way...


The Fruits of OUR labor
Saturday, September 23, 2006

Presenting... The Fruits of OUR labor. Mine as well as my classmate's!

I have just received my card and I am not so proud to show you my grades. Somehow I feel that I am not deserving with these grades because it is not just my work. My grades became like this also because of the help of others. In other words, sharing.

Filipino - 87
English - 89
Mathematics - 93
Science - 91
Makabayan - 94
Araling Panlipunan - 90
TLE - 95
MAPEH - 96
Research - 88
Advanced Chemistry - 92

I seldom make assignments. Why? It is because I am afraid to make a wrong assignment. If that would happen, then all my hard work and the time I consumed on make it is just wasted. One thing is that I am just too lazy. But I make assignments if it cannot be copied anymore. Like essays, drawings, home projects and etc.

I study during periodical exams, a day or two days before the test date. I always cram. That is one of my mistakes. I have also one problem, MEMORY gap. Every time I study, I always forget what I have read. I am really low in comprehending and understanding something. That is the reason why I have really low scores in Reading Comprehension.

Oh well, there's always next time. I'll try my best to improve my grades and AVOID sharing.


I want onety one!
Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Why isn't 11 pronounced as
onety one?

Well. I think the person who made the names of the numbers should answer this question. But your opinions are also welcome. Why? Why not onety one? There's nothing wrong calling it onety one, Isn't it? Why eleven? All the numbers are nmed from their number. For example: 22- twenty two, 33 - thirty three and so on! Eleven is the only number which breaks the rule! I think we should call it as onety one! Right?


Prayer Pls...
Saturday, September 16, 2006

After those morbid posts of mine, i will now post another entry. Don't worry. My post is not about disgusting stuff. But if you consider this post disgusting, I understand.

I'll try posting my entries in English(again) starting today so that my grammar will be improved... But let's just see how far can i write in english. Because as i have noticed, i am always posting my entries in Tagalog but still i have errors. Like a student from grade one section Z. If you see some wrong grammars in here, pls tell me. If there are typos, pls be considerate because i know that am not good in spelling. I don't even re-read my post
to check the spelling.


Everyday, more than ten fifteen times a day, we always have a prayer. Everytime a teacher leaves and starts the class, prayer is usually the first thing that needs to be done or else, the tacher will be branded as a demo. LoL. Im just exaggerating. It is also don before eating, before going to sleep, exams and etc.

As i look my classmates while having a prayer, i notice some of them are not really concentrating on praying. Sometimes some of them won't stand up. They just sit on their chair, as if there is no prayer. Are their ass really heavy? Is it beacuse of the pull of gravity? It seems that they are just playing and murmurring stupid words to make them look like they're praying. it is so obious that they're not. Some are just laughing because the person who is praying doesn't know how to pray. That's so wrong! I'm talking like an angel here! LOL! as if i don't do things what they are doing. I'm even worse than them! we are always asking for His guidance yet we don't keep prayer holy.

Again. As i said, it is wrong. But i just don't understand why we are not praying seriously. What are we afraid of? Are we ashamed that someone will see us praying? Or are we just too lazy? I hope not.

I just don't understand... We will see ourselves buring in hell if we don't make an action on this.


Part II: Bakit mainit ang ihi?
Monday, September 11, 2006


hhmm... Bakit nga ba? Siguro kung mainit ang ihi ng tao, mainit din siguro yung tae.
Tama ba?

Ang weird yata ng mga posts ko ngayon! LOL! OK lang naman yung diba? Curious lang kasi ako.
Kung makakasagot kayo, BILIB ako sa inyo!


Question of the Year:
Thursday, September 07, 2006


Ano kaya ang lasa? Matamis ba? Maalat? Matabang? Ano?

Kasi yung ihi natikman ko na noong bata pa ako. Alam niyo na siguro kung ano ang lasa nun. MAALAT. Wag ka na mahiya alam ko naman na natikman mo na ang ihi!

Meron bang gustong mag-volunteer para tumikim ng tae? Para na rin masagutan ang tanong na yan, subukan mo na. Wala na man sigurong mawawala! LOL


Napahiya si Mikmik
Monday, September 04, 2006

Mikmik - isang tao na makapal ang mukha.

OO. Tama ang nabasa mo. Makapal ang aking mukha. Pero paminsan-minsan nahihiya din ako. Tao lamanag ako. May limitasyon. Ang ayaw na ayaw ko sa lahat ay ang mapahiya sa libo-libong tao. Ayaw ko na pagtawanan ako. Ewan ko nga sa sarili ko kung bakit ako ganito. Ngayong araw na ito, nangyari ang pinakaayaw ko - ANG MAPAHIYA!

1:00- tapos na ang Advance Chemistry namin. Pabalik na ako sa classroom kasama ang classmate ko. Pupunta kami sa Guidance Office para magbayad ng Fee para sa Entrance Exam ng MSU(Mindanao State Unversity). Nagmamadali kami ng kaklase ko na magbayad para makabalik kami kaagad sa classroom para mangopya ng assignment sa Research. Ako ang naunang pumasok sa Guidance Office at tinawag ko ang Guidance Counselor para magbayad. 75 pesos ang dapat kong bayaran. Pagtingin ko sa wallet ko, WALA PALA AKONG PERA! Waaa! Napahiya tuloy ako! Ang sabi pa ng Counselor, "Hindi ba nagbibigay ng baon ang nanay mo?" Walang hiya! Pinagtawan ako ng kasama ko! Nakakinis talaga yung matandang Guidance COunselor namin! WAAA! Pinagtawanan talaga ako lalo na pagbalik ko sa classroom! WAAA!

Pero ok lang yan... Hindi naman nakakamatay ang kahihiyan no?


ANSWER: Vic Sotto


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Ano ang tanong mo?

Q[61]:Did you make this layout yourself? Can you make me one?

Nope. I got this from! WOW! English spekeni!

Q[60]:honor student k b? anong place mo?

Noon, OO. Pero ngayong 4th year, HINDI na.. Nasa rank 18 na kasi ako ngayon.

Q[59]:palagay mo sino ako?

si ederlyn.

Q[58]:kapuso o kapamilya?

Siyempre! Kapamilya! Ampanget ng mga palabas sa GMA! Asian Treasures lang yata ang astig 'dun!

Q[57]:kailangan ba talaga ang NCAE??? kung hinde. bkt pa nila ito ginagawa. kung parang piigilan nila ang estudyante sa pagpili ng kurso??--sentimented

Walang kwentaaaa ang NCAE!!!! - yan lang ang masasabi ko.

Q[56]:nasubukan mo na bang jumebs sa school?

Muntik na noong elementary pa ako.. Bukas, susubukan ko.

Q[55]:what is your faith???

My faith is 15 years old. Thank you. LOL!

Q[54]: bilangin mo lahat ng links mo.. di ka ba nahihirapan magblog hop?

17,465,782.58 lahat. Minsan, nahihirapapan ako. NAPAKAHIRAP.

Q[53]: bakit ang laki ng ipin mo??? owner ba kau ng colgate???

Hindi Colgate! Close-up!

Q[52]:E nagka-girlfriend ka na ba?

Wala pa.. Sabi kasi ng magulang ko mag-aral muna.. Haaaaay.

Q[51]:kung babae ka, sino ang pipiliin mo maging crush? daniel radcliffe, channing tatum o chris pine?

Um.. Si Daniel Radcliffe siguro. Siya lang kasi kilala ko sa mga binanggit mo. Sino si Tatum at Pine?? 'Di naman yata yan sikat.

Q[50]: anong masasabi mo na nagfifit ang mukha mo kay ninoy aquino?

Ang swerte-swerte ni Ninoy! Siguro kung buhay pa siya, mamamatay siya sa tuwa!

Q[49]: ok ang sarap magtanong. haha.musta ka nman?haha.

Ok lang.. Homo sapiens pa rin. Himihinga pa. Tao pa. Buhay pa.

Q[48]: may girlfriend ka na ba? :)

Ala pa... :(

Q[47]:which came first the chicken or the egg?

Chicken kasi nang ginawa ng Diyos ang mundo, malalaki na ang mga nilalalang o creatures gaya ng tao, puno, kabayo atbp. Kaya chicken ang sagot ko diyan.

Q[46]:rate your kagwapuhan from one to ten.

um... 10? LOL! Biro lang... Kayo na humusga! Bawal negative ha!

Q[45]:ikaw.. magsusumbong ka ba kapag nireyp ka ni daniel smith (kung girl ka sakali)?

Kung ako? Siyempre... HINDI AKO MAGSUSUMBONG! Baka pa nga si Smith ang magsampa ng kaso sa 'kin! LOL! Biro lang.

Q[44]:san ung location ng school mo?

Digos City. Katabi lang ng Davao. Bakit? Dadalawin mo ako?

Q[43]:Najejebs ka at walang CR sa mall lahat out of order, ano na ang gagawin mo?

Ilalabas ko nalang sa brief ko. Ambaho no? Ala choice eh.

Q[42]:Mahal mo ba ako?

OO! Ako? Mahal mo rin ba ako?

Q[41]:ok lang bang tanungin kung wat year ka na and from what school ka?..tnx..

Um.. 4th year HS. Digos City National High School (DiCNHS). Bakit?