Sunday, June 25, 2006

At last! May position na rin ako!

Almost 6 months of hardwork! and now, nakuha ko na rin! yehey!!!

Yehey! Staff ako sa 2nd battalion! yehey! I'm a Major! yehey!

Thank you Lord!

Btw, may Science Investigatory Project na pala kami...
Isolation and Identification of Oil-Degrading Microbes in Aplaya and Dawis Beaches.

Salamat sa mga tumulong sakin!

GTG! I am reaaaaaaaaalllllllyyyyy buuussssyyyyy!!
Pls Understand...


Monday, June 19, 2006


DO you have a past
PLS give me a problem which is scientific, relevant and interesting...
PLs.. If possible related to bacterias, fungi, etc... Either Life Science
or Physical science!


X-Men III A-or maybe B+ / Stupid Mystique
Tuesday, June 13, 2006

At last! after a kazillion years! i have posted an entry..

Yesterday, it was Independence day. Obviously, it is a holiday; and if it is a holiday, then there is NO class. So we spent our Independence day in Davao City. I haven't really felt the essence of Independence day yesterday.It seems it is just a regular day for me. No class. no troubles, Just fun. My grandfather asked me yesterday "What is the significance of this day?". Ang sagot ko sa lolo ko "Tuesday". Inulit nya ulit yung tanong. Then i answered "June 12". Inulit nya ulit yung tanong. 'Dun ko lang nalaman na Independence Day pala ang ibig niyang sagot. But of course, i knew it before that it was Indpendence Day... Maybe my brain was drained then.

At around 10:45, we went to Gaisano Mall to buy some school materials coz i haven't finished buying all the materials that i will need for school.

X-Men III A- or B+

We watched X-MEN III! It was super duper cool! The effects were superb! I love every scene (maybe almost all) of it... But i was a little bit disappointed by the ending. I was expecting that wolverine and Jean will have a fight. But i was wrong.. Wolverine just stabbed jean with his claws, and that's it... Nothing thrilling... Nothing special...

Guys! Can you still remember the scene when Mystique's hands were tied? Yung kinulong siya sa isang sasakyan na parang bus... Napansin ko lang ito.. Hindi ba naisip ni Mystique na magtransform sa isang baby para makatakas siya? I'm sure you know that she is a shape shifter. So it is not impossible for her to turn into a small baby. Pag naging maliit ng baby na siya I'm sure makakatakas siya! Tama ba ako??!? Parang tama.......


Sexy Angelina(after pregnancy)!
Friday, June 09, 2006

Guys! I saw a pic of Angelina Jolie after her pregnancy! Look at her! She's soo old! Is that really her? whoah!

No wonder it took them soo long before they decided to have their first interview about her first baby with Brad Pitt! Hehehe! I love making fun of Angelina! hahaha! She has a wrinkled skin! hehehe! White hair! hahaha! I know this is just edited, but looking at this pic makes you laugh, isn't it? Well, who cares if we make fun of her?

Hindi po totoo yang pic na yan.. biro lang... tsaka edited ) halata namn di b?.. nakuha ko lang yan sa isang email from yahoo groups.. wala kasi silang magawa(including me).

Nasiyahan ka ba? Ako ndi! LOL!

Stay tuned for more old celebrity pics!!!!!


1st Day of iskul / 060606
Monday, June 05, 2006

the first day of school ended... and these are the things i want to say:

Last sunday evening, i wasn't excited about going to school. it seems, it is like just a regular day but with new things on your back. Why? it is because i was sick of visiting my school almost everday just to be an officer. Everday i always see the buildings, the rooms, the guard who is always at the gate doing nothing (hehehe), teachers, co-officers, and many more.

I slept maybe at around 9:30 so that i won't be late. I wake up at 4:45 i think then preapared myself for school coz i need to go there before 6:30 or else, i will have deduction on my points or maybe even punishments.

Our classroom is a little bit small for us. Our section is composed of 64 students!! Imagine that! 64 students are squeezed in a small room! How can we listen to the teacher, if the room we are in, isn't a conducive place for learning? But i was used to it! last year we are 65.. I am just studying in a public school. But even though this school isn't beautiful compared to yours, this for me, is one of the best schools in the Philippines.

It can compete with Ateneo and other BIG and respected schools in the country! hehehe!.. Kidding! I'm just exagerating...

um.. i can't really say something about the first day of school, because nothing special or important thing happened... um.. I have some new classmates! New teachers!

btw, the mother of my classmate is our adviser! hahahahaha!!!



Im sure all of you already know that tomorrow will be 060606.. the date 6-6-six (playing safe)
will happen tomorrow.. What do you think will happen? Any anticipations??

Will the earth explode?
Will a meteor hit the earth and kill us all?
Will i die?
Will something bad happen?
Will witches and wizards appear?
Will skeletons and zombies crawl from our bed till we die?

What do you think?


The 8 Descriptions... WAAAA!!
Thursday, June 01, 2006

I am soo tired right now.. I just came home from school..

It's the first day of June! waaaaaaaa!! summer is almost over! bye bye tv! bye bye!

btw, i have been tagged by Kevin ang Anjouli... I don't really like chain messages, but because they are really good to me. ( Kevin made me a layout and Anjouli made me a link button) I'll make a post about this chain post or message...

here it goes..


1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different descriptions of their perfect lover.

2. He/she needs to mention the sex/gender of their perfect lover.

3. He/she must tag 8 more people to join this game and leave a comment on their respective sites anouncing that they've been tagged.

4. If tagged a second time, there's no need to post again.

My Perfect Lover ( WAAA! ang OA! WAA!) must qualify all the descriptions that i will say later on... She must pass all the requirements... and most of all she must be a she...

The 8 Decriptions:

1. Smart. She must be smart like Albert Einstein.. Or even smarter than him.. that would be super duper okay coz i am really impressed to girls who have brains which are really working and full of ideas and imaginations. It would be important so that it would be much easier for us if problems arise.

2.Pretty. I would be the greatest liar here on Earth if i don't want a pretty and gorgeous lover. We can't deny the truth that looks really play a large part on picking your true love... I'm just being honest, folks!

3.Tall (but not taller than me). Yeah. height matters! hehehe! But if she is taller than me, it's bye bye! hahaha! just kidding! But seriously, i don't want my girl to be taller then me because it would make me look inferior... I don't want to look like a hobbit! LOL!

4.Witty. She must be an ice-breaker... It's a big no no if she would make me sleep if we are together... I don't like boring girls... zzzzzzz....

5.Religious. Aside from the Physical and Mental, i must also consider the Spiritual part of her. If she doesn't belive in God, or Hates Him. Then, it's bye bye again... I don't want a satan to be with me and go around with me... If she's from Hell then burn her! hahaha! Burn! Burn! Burn!

Understanding. An understanding girl is one thing that i need. She must also understand the real me and not just herself. Understanding each other is really really really important. Your relationship will not last long if you will not understand each other.. ( WAAA! ANg OA ko na!!)..

7.Young. This requirement, is not really a must. But i prefer ladies than women.. hahaha! Preferably, she must be younger than me... I Don't want a sugar mommy! LOL!!!

8.True. She must be true and NOT a poser. She must show her true atittudes so that we will get along with each other very well. I hate Plastics especially Tupperware! hahaha!

Whew! Writing this post is exhausting!!! All of these descriptions may change from time to time dunno when....

I will tag:

  • /iambrew
  • janpol
  • andrea
  • Ron
  • B E A
  • Marc
  • Michi
  • Bianca

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    Q[61]:Did you make this layout yourself? Can you make me one?

    Nope. I got this from! WOW! English spekeni!

    Q[60]:honor student k b? anong place mo?

    Noon, OO. Pero ngayong 4th year, HINDI na.. Nasa rank 18 na kasi ako ngayon.

    Q[59]:palagay mo sino ako?

    si ederlyn.

    Q[58]:kapuso o kapamilya?

    Siyempre! Kapamilya! Ampanget ng mga palabas sa GMA! Asian Treasures lang yata ang astig 'dun!

    Q[57]:kailangan ba talaga ang NCAE??? kung hinde. bkt pa nila ito ginagawa. kung parang piigilan nila ang estudyante sa pagpili ng kurso??--sentimented

    Walang kwentaaaa ang NCAE!!!! - yan lang ang masasabi ko.

    Q[56]:nasubukan mo na bang jumebs sa school?

    Muntik na noong elementary pa ako.. Bukas, susubukan ko.

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    My faith is 15 years old. Thank you. LOL!

    Q[54]: bilangin mo lahat ng links mo.. di ka ba nahihirapan magblog hop?

    17,465,782.58 lahat. Minsan, nahihirapapan ako. NAPAKAHIRAP.

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    Hindi Colgate! Close-up!

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    Wala pa.. Sabi kasi ng magulang ko mag-aral muna.. Haaaaay.

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    Um.. Si Daniel Radcliffe siguro. Siya lang kasi kilala ko sa mga binanggit mo. Sino si Tatum at Pine?? 'Di naman yata yan sikat.

    Q[50]: anong masasabi mo na nagfifit ang mukha mo kay ninoy aquino?

    Ang swerte-swerte ni Ninoy! Siguro kung buhay pa siya, mamamatay siya sa tuwa!

    Q[49]: ok ang sarap magtanong. haha.musta ka nman?haha.

    Ok lang.. Homo sapiens pa rin. Himihinga pa. Tao pa. Buhay pa.

    Q[48]: may girlfriend ka na ba? :)

    Ala pa... :(

    Q[47]:which came first the chicken or the egg?

    Chicken kasi nang ginawa ng Diyos ang mundo, malalaki na ang mga nilalalang o creatures gaya ng tao, puno, kabayo atbp. Kaya chicken ang sagot ko diyan.

    Q[46]:rate your kagwapuhan from one to ten.

    um... 10? LOL! Biro lang... Kayo na humusga! Bawal negative ha!

    Q[45]:ikaw.. magsusumbong ka ba kapag nireyp ka ni daniel smith (kung girl ka sakali)?

    Kung ako? Siyempre... HINDI AKO MAGSUSUMBONG! Baka pa nga si Smith ang magsampa ng kaso sa 'kin! LOL! Biro lang.

    Q[44]:san ung location ng school mo?

    Digos City. Katabi lang ng Davao. Bakit? Dadalawin mo ako?

    Q[43]:Najejebs ka at walang CR sa mall lahat out of order, ano na ang gagawin mo?

    Ilalabas ko nalang sa brief ko. Ambaho no? Ala choice eh.

    Q[42]:Mahal mo ba ako?

    OO! Ako? Mahal mo rin ba ako?

    Q[41]:ok lang bang tanungin kung wat year ka na and from what school ka?..tnx..

    Um.. 4th year HS. Digos City National High School (DiCNHS). Bakit?